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As you can imagine, there are many different varieties of extensions and application processes, and I am trained and qualified for numerous methods, all of which are safe on your hair and use NO HEAT, NO CHEMICALS and NO GLUE. Through a consultation estimates can be given as each client has different needs and is given a custom look with color, texture, amount of strands and length desired. Using 100% human hair from Spain, India and Persia; it's applied through a patented cold fusion application by a trained stylist. Safe and painless, all of the applications use NO CHEMICALS, HEAT or GLUE during the application or removal process, keeping your hair healthy and protected from breakage that they can cause. A full head application usually takes about 2-4 hours with a blended cut. After the initial application maintenance varies based on the technique used. To keep your extensions in their best possible condition, I'll discuss special products and give you suggestions at your consultation. Because most cold fusion methods are compatible with common hair products, feel free to bring in your favorites so we can discuss them also. Depending on your desired look and use of your extensions, I can fully describe the pros and cons to each technique, as well as their estimated life span which can range from 3-12 months. Check out my EXTENSIONS GALLERY page under GALLERY.


Why do I need a consultation?

Given that custom hair extension packages can range from $500- $5000, a consultation is necessary to gain all the information needed to explore which options work best for your own need and budget. We will design a custom package for you during this time establishing which application process is best for you, as well as color and texture match, determine amount of hair needed, and length you want to create your dream of having long, luxurious, thick and full hair! During this time I also calculate high and low estimates to clearly reflect your individual needs and what will work for your own budget.

Are they comfortable?

Other than an initial adjustment period of a day or two, there is no discomfort and may be compared to the feel of a bobby pin.


Can you see them?

To best keep the extensions undetectable, they are always applied away from the hair line and natural partings. The patented locs used are color matched to your hair so they too are nearly invisible. Furthermore, custom blending is my specialty! With the right cut, no one will be able to tell your hair from the extensions!


Can I care for my hair like normal?


Yes you can! You can wash, dry, curl, straighten, color and swim with your extensions right along with your own hair.


If my hair is damaged from chemicals, can I have hair extensions put in?


Yes you can! Your own hair’s health and safety from breakage is always a concern. The cold fusion techniques I use are all safe on your hair and can even prevent further damage to your hair by reducing the amount of hair being chemically over processed and allowing it to grow out while you enjoy your long, thick beautiful hair. Personally, I’ve actually been able to grow out my own hair from a bad hair cut while hiding and blending it with extensions!


Do you have solutions for women with hair loss?


Many women have had wonderful new looks created with hair extensions after hair loss from medical treatment or Trichotillomania. Come in for a consultation to discuss the best options for you.


How long does my own hair have to be?


Hair extensions can be applied to hair as short as 1 inch, but longer hair is required to properly blend them into your own hair.


Can I change my hair color with extensions or have my hair chemically straightened or relaxed?


Yes, any chemical process can be done on your own hair as long as your extensions are removed for the process. Also, depending on the type of extensions used, highlights can be added by mixing in lighter hair with your extensions to create a new look.


Will I be able to wear my hair up?


The extensions are applied with your regular hair styles in mind and can be fashioned multiple ways to hide any application technique.


Can I just add volume without length?


Of course! With minimal, well placed extensions, fullness and volume can be achieved quite easily.

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